Apple Announces Tap to Pay on iPhone for Contactless Payments

How can merchants use iPhone’s Tap to Pay as their Payment Terminal?

We’re continuously seeing technology and manufacturing giants come up with solutions that provide convenience for both consumers and businesses. One notable advancement in technology is the development of contactless payments. We’ve seen the growth in the number of users using digital wallets in making day-to-day transactions. From integrating NFC with smartphones and tablets, we’ve seen tech giants rise and compete with the development of e-wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and more.

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Apple recently announced the release of their Tap to Pay application. From using smartphones for contactless payments, now, merchants also have the option to use their iPhones as payment terminals. This is a great business operations solution from Apple, especially for start-ups, small merchants, solopreneurs, and even large businesses. Compared to the amount you’re spending on hardware costs for a credit card machine, it’s undeniable that using an iPhone is a more cost-effective solution. Apple has also indicated that no additional hardware setup would be needed to use their Tap to Pay feature.

The process would be just the same as when you’re using a credit card machine. Simply tap your digital wallet near the merchant’s iPhone, and the payment will push through using NFC technology. Consumers don’t need to worry about privacy issues. Apple states that every customer’s data is protected by the same security they have for Apple Pay.

Tap to Pay on iPhone is said to roll out to Apple store locations in the US within the year.

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