The Importance of Safety in Fleet Management



What Connects Fleet Management to Telematics?

For a fleet to function systematically, managers require reliable software to track their vehicles and diagnose possible risks that may arise.

Telematics companies created centralised tracking, diagnosing and navigation software for both consumer (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and enterprise-grade devices. Fleet management companies then adopt the telematics software with the intention of minimising risks and expenses while raising overall efficiency and productivity.

However, simply asking a telematics company for some comprehensive software that can keep track of vehicle units is not nearly everything that a fleet requires. Telematics alone cannot guarantee device protection and employee safety.

Fleet Management – What do they need?

When Strike recently sold 130 cradles to a telematics dealer to assist their client’s fleet, it was in conjunction with 130 Samsung tablets. The dealer had to install the software onto the Samsung tablets so that the client could use the program as soon as possible.

Device holders, mounts, and cradles are highly proficient in helping fleet management companies achieve their goals. They ensure that devices have constant power to run mission-critical telematic software. By simply attaching their devices with mounts, companies can ensure that they are complying with governmental legislation such as the Australian Design Rules (ADR).

A Case Study

On one occasion, Strike sold 274 Samsung Xcover 3 Alpha Cradles to a Belgian integrator. These cradles were rolled out into a fleet of passenger buses. They ensured that each device was safely deployed and charged.

In another recent endeavour, Strike helped a New Zealand-based fleet management company cover legal liability by providing them with appropriate mounting solution for their devices. As a result, the company was able to take better care of their staff as well as maintain a legitimate business.

Final Thoughts: is ‘Fleet Management’ Synonymous with ‘Safety’?

Although efficiency is a major aspect of fleet management, the essence of fleet management is in risk minimalization. Since driving and texting is illegal and dangerous, vehicles that do not mount their mission-critical tablets, smartphones, or handheld computers are easily at risk. Not only can it jeopardise the legitimacy of a business, it can also damage the lives of their employee drivers. Therefore, companies that utilise fleet management must provide clear policies for their drivers to abide to.

Considering Strike’s personal experiences, it seems reasonable to conclude that the market for telematics software and integrating devices are interlinked.

This connection depends – at the enterprise-level – on the interests of companies that utilise numerous vehicles. So, to ensure a desirable, risk-free atmosphere for their employees and business, it is imperative for fleet management companies to invest in important safety measures.

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