Telematics: The Software Revolution


Telematics software and programs are designed to track, assess, and monitor fleet activity while preventing risks that may jeopardise the future of a business.

Effective Communication

Communication is one of the vital aspects of telematics. The vehicles can convey their location, status, fuel usage, distance travelled, driver activity and many more features to the fleet managers without delay.

Speedy communication is especially important in mission-critical fleet activities. The telematics software installed in the vehicles can notify fleet managers in real time, which allows them to address issues quickly. 


The development of telematics solutions has no doubt helped companies with their overall efficiency, performance and cohesion.

Driver Behaviour is Changing

According to the Insurance Research Council (IRC), around 54% of 1,135 drivers in a 2015 survey appeared to have experienced some change in their driving behaviour.

Research found that the age range that exhibited the most impact was from eighteen (18) to thirty-four (34). These people had reportedly begun to obey speed limits a lot more than they used to. Thus, incorporating telematics into their vehicles have changed drivers’ behaviour for the better.

As technology evolves to improve the way telematics functions in vehicles, we see a constant improvement in driver behaviour. The results above show just how effective telematics is in improving efficiency in fleet management.

Ethical Issues on Driver Surveillance

Despite the positive changes to business and work efficacy, drivers have questioned the appropriateness of adding extensive surveillance in their vehicles. Such surveillance can be used to monitor not only driving activities but also the drivers themselves. This may restrict their ‘freedom’.

A counterargument to this is that a business seeking to improve work efficiency must take liberties in ensuring their employees are acting for the best interests of the company. Everyone should be as transparent as they can. Equally, it should be a part of a company’s policy to ensure their drivers are feeling comfortable and safe too.


In a way, telematics has become synonymous with the word ‘safety’. A fleet cannot be complete without a fully functioning telematics system guiding its drivers to safety. Thus, reliance on telematics is not something to steer away from. After all, safety should be at the forefront of any fleet manager’s mind.

Adopting these systems make fleets increasingly more manageable and sources say there has been a rapid increase in adoption of telematics over these past years. Additionally, more and more vehicles are now being sold with telematics pre-installed to improve overall driver safety.

The Importance of Telematics

Due to the rapid advancement of technology over the last ten years, the world has seen an increase in the adoption of telematics. The role of telematics has changed from accessory to a necessity. Telematics has created a better way to communicate among vehicles and managers, has positively affected the behaviour of drivers, have diminished risks, and have improved business efficacy overall.

The Strike Alpha Cradle

By itself, telematics is a way to communicate and transfer computerised information across long distances.

Telematics require systems that integrate them into the vehicles, but this also means that they are versatile and can exist in multiple forms. Sometimes they can be integrated into hardware, or simply exist in a glowing interface on your phone or tablet. The latter usually requires some innovative device holder or cradle that allows hands-free access to the system to improve efficiency.

The Strike Alpha Car Cradle is an innovative and durable holder designed to hold, charge, and protect devices installed with telematics software while you drive. Alpha Car Cradles are sturdy and durable. They are designed and crash-tested to withstand up to 25g. Installation is easy; simply mount the Alpha Cradle and dock your smartphone onto it, then your fleet will be ready for the road.

Feel free to check out our range of cradle products here.

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