Strike Group Engineers and Delivers 300 Bespoke Tablet Mounts

Strike Group has recently developed an enterprise-grade mounting system for devices installed with a software application created by an Australian telematics company.

Strike Group Engineers and Delivers 300 Bespoke Tablet Mounts

Case Study

The telematics company designed a software application for a transport & logistics provider.

The software application was installed onto smart devices, and allowed the T & L provider to effortlessly track, monitor, record, and manage their fleets’ activities.

However, the telematics company required a vehicle mount that has built-in enterprise-grade power and superior network coverage for the mission-critical software application.

Strike’s Solution

In only 2 weeks, Strike Group was able to develop and roll out the solution for 300 vehicles.

They developed an enterprise-grade device holder, the Strike Alpha Cradle, which can boost phone signal while keeping the device charged as you drive. The cradles were designed according to ADR regulations, and were crash-tested to 25 g.

Strike Group looks forward to collaborating with more telematics companies to develop and manufacture innovative solutions for their customers.

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