Strike Group designs a Robust Solution

Strike Group is currently working directly with Australian and New Zealand telecommunication carriers in order to deliver optimum Cradle solutions at the launch date of handset/tablet devices.

A case study: 

Recently, a fire brigade enlisted Strike’s services to design a solution that enabled mounting of a new smart device to existing hardware installed into a fleet of 600+ vehicles.

October 2016 Strike Success Story Fire Brigade Mounting Solution

And in line with the fire brigade’s wishes, Strike manufactured an optimal solution that was both ADR Compliant and crash tested (withstanding up to 25G). The new devices were capable of being securely mounted while remaining within their ruggedized cases.

Strike also recommended and subsequently engineered a wireless charging solution using a specific wireless charging pad for the devices that corresponded with the charging coils in the Alpha Cradle.

The Strike Alpha Cradle also allowed for an easy upgrade path. In the event of a fleet upgrade, the only change required would be the cradle head; the mount and power source remain unchanged. For future proofing purposes, Strike’s unique system seamlessly integrated the devices docked in the Strike Alpha Cradles with the pre-existing hardware inside the vehicles. This solution is both cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

As a result...

Strike’s local engineering ability coupled with the ADR Compliance and our local assembly team ensured the Strike Alpha Cradle bundle was the most robust solution, and ticked all the boxes on our client’s wish-list. This solution was specifically customised, cost-efficient, and long-lasting (with a 3-year warranty).

As of now, Strike Group has already met with and trained thousands of telecommunication sales representatives. Strike is harnessed with an enhanced ability to equip our customers with the necessary Cradle in order to make their experiences safer on the road.


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