Innovative Mounting Solution for PTT Enabled Devices

Innovative Mounting Solution for PTT Enabled Devices

A Case Study

As UHF/VHF two-way radio technology is being replaced by Push-To-Talk (PTT) devices, it is important for Strike to find new ways to accommodate the interests of their clients and future customers.

Recently, a client wanted to maximise the utility of his customers’ Samsung devices, so they asked Strike to design a solution that could support PTT Speaker Microphones while standing upright.

What We Did

Strike’s engineering team manufactured a special modification in the side of a Strike Alpha Car Cradle to allow the customer to use their Push-to-Talk (PTT) Speaker Microphones while the TAB Active2 is docked.

As A Result

The customer was able to use the Strike Alpha Car Cradle to charge their Samsung TAB Active2 and PTT speakers.

Innovative Mounting Solution for PTT Enabled Devices

This tablet + cradle solution provided the charge necessary to keep their devices running throughout the business day and during mission-critical transactions.

Mounting PTT devices is extremely important for legal and safety issues;

Strike’s well-known PTT and Cradle solutions benefit industries such as emergency services, large corporations, and fleet management. These particular devices were used in the waste management industry.

Through the experience and ingenuity of their engineers, Strike created a solution that allowed customers to use PTT technology to get more value out of their Samsung tablet.

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