Industry Solutions from Strike

Several industries are transitioning from paper to digital in terms of data management, causing an increase in the demand for rugged mobile phones or tablet devices. Fleets are also pressured with the additional regulations from the ELD mandate. Strike is quick to adapt to these transitions and has developed cradle solutions that ensure that your rugged and mission-critical devices are equipped with seamless data integration, security, accessibility, and optimum viewing position for its users. Strike offers vehicle mounting solutions for enterprise and rugged devices like Zebra, Panasonic, Motorola, RugGear, Hytera, Datalogic, CAT Smartphones, Telo, Sonim and more.

From an office setting to a manufacturing house or even in the field, these mounts are durable, reliable, and can withstand tough workspaces. All Strike mounting solutions have adjustable components for excellent viewing to help you angle your device perfectly, depending on your preference. They are compatible with any Strike Alpha vehicle mount, which helps secure and charge mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, or phablets. They can also be used on our enterprise-grade cradles for devices such as the Zebra TC52/TC57, Zebra TC51/TC56, Zebra TC72/TC77, Panasonic Toughbook FZ L1 and Motorola Lex L11 Handheld Device. Included in Strike's wide range of mounting solutions are the RAM Mounts. These high-quality and cost-effective mounts can be used for phones, tablets, GPS, vehicles, and more.

Versatile, flexible, and dependable, they can be mounted onto almost any surface with ease. These mounts allow easy installation and removal for hassle-free transfer of enterprise devices from one workstation to the next. These Strike mounting options are suitable for use in different industries such as public safety, transportation, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, and field operations. Strike offers competitive pricing and innovative industry-specific mounting solutions to help you select the perfect heavy-duty mount to suit your business needs. Email us at [email protected] for more details.

Agriculture Mounts

Using advanced technology for field positioning via GPS and advanced mapping is vital in the role of agriculture. Strike cradle solutions are designed rugged for farmers and workers in the agricultural sector, so their devices sit firmly in place as they carry tasks in the agricultural field. With our vehicle mounts, you can carry or mount your tablet in various ATVs, tractors, and trucks.

Aviation Mounts

The aviation industry has shifted to using tablets not only in the cockpit but also in aircraft operations and maintenance. Strike provides cradles for the field of airlines, corporate jets, and helicopters for users to easily access data without interfering with standard operations. Tablets and mobile devices are securely kept within view and reach with the right mounting solution.

Transportion and Logistics

Strike Alpha cradles are built for all modes of transportation to ensure real-time data management for your fleet. Strike vehicle mounts can secure your rugged device from high temperatures and vibrations while on the road. Syncing of data is also possible even in low-signal areas with an internal passive antenna paired with a reputable external antenna.

Public Safety

Communication is integral in the life of a first responder, and mission-critical devices must be stored within reach. Vital communication lines must be kept accessible for mission-critical activities. Strike provides a hands-free cradle solution for PTToC devices that equips first responders with reliability and stability.

Construction & Heavy Mining Equipment

Equip your device with the right mounting solution while at the worksite. The construction industry relies on dependable cradles that can stand firm in different construction environments. Strike provides security and accessibility to your rugged device suitable for industrial vehicles such as trucks, payloaders, medium trucks to heavy-duty trucks and more. Additionally, Strike Alpha cradles are engineered to withstand high vibrations and up to 25g in crash standards.

Warehousing & Manufacturing Mounts

We aim to provide ease of access in capturing data, inventory management, quality control, and more. Handling material for warehouse & manufacturing requires that your rugged device be mounted in forklifts, carts, walls, and smooth surfaces. Prevent damaging your rugged device in hazardous environments when you mount it with Strike Alpha cradles.

Strike Alpha Cradles are open for integration.
The cradles can be paired with any Bluetooth car kits and even computer units. They can also be connected to keyboards and other accessories where users can access their data anywhere. The data pass-through is available via the inbuilt charging cable. You can even turn your device into a complete enterprise system with Samsung Dex compatible Strike Alpha cradles.

Strike Alpha Cradles are highly flexible to any of your mounting preference.
The cradle has AMPS mounting system at the back allowing it to be fully compatible with the full spectrum of RAM Mounts products. Slide in your enterprise mobility device to the Strike Alpha cradle when you mount them in a four-bolt clamping set up, suction mount setup, or even in a magnetic setup.

Strike offers an optional lock on Alpha Cradles.
For additional security, Strike offers a lockable feature for the vehicle dock, ensuring device safety and anti-theft protection. The lock comes with a key to ensure that only the key holder can take the mobile device away from the cradle.