Motorola WAVE TLK 100 Two-Way Radio Car Cradle

$189.00 (Including GST) AL-STK MOT TLK 100

Introducing a push-to-talk vehicle holder for the Motorola TLK100. Strike Alpha WAVE TLK 100 Two-Way Radio vehicle mount will securely and firmly hold your PTT device in place even on rough roads. Not only will it hold your two-way radio while you work and drive, but this Motorola WAVE TLK 100 car dock will also charge your Motorola TLK100. This Motorola TLK 100 vehicle mount from Strike is designed for enterprise use and is engineered to withstand tough working conditions. Ideal for use in field operations, public safety, transportation and logistics.

  • This package is a professionally installed version. A trained professional will attach the push-to-talk cradle to the swivel mount provided and connect the tablet power’s pack to your car's electronics.
  • It includes a swivel mount. Other mounting options are also available for purchase.
  • The Strike Alpha Motorola WAVE TLK 100 Cradle has AMPS pattern at the back making it fully compatible with any RAM Mounting Solutions. View our list of RAM B Size Solutions here.
  • Check out the Do-it-Yourself version here!
  • International shipping available
Need help confirming what you need? For enterprise customers, email [email protected] to discuss quantity pricing and your solution.

  • Plug ‘N Play – Upgrading your handset? No worries. Simply select the new cradle component that will suit your new device and attach it in your existing Strike Alpha mount. There’s no need to re-install.
  • Added safety - Strike Alpha WAVE TLK 100 car dock can be charged using 12/24 volt charging with voltage spike protection.
  • The Strike Alpha Motorola TLK 100 fast-charging cradle is specifically designed to ensure that the device never runs out of power, especially in mission-critical applications.
  • With 3–year warranty
  • Patented design exclusive for Strike.
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  • Strike Alpha Car Cradle Cell Phone Holder
  • Swivel Mount
  • Strike Professional Installation Power Pack