Troubleshooting your Strike iK-1

Find help on the Strike iK-1 here.

Here is a checklist to follow if you are experiencing problems with your Strike iK-1 car kit.

1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled and turned on on your phone. To do this please consult your mobile phone's user manual. For Nokia users please ensure that the Strike iK-1 is set to trusted device on your phone to ensure that an automatic connection is made after the initial pairing. Please see page 10 of the Strike iK-1 Owners Manual for the full pairing guide.

2. To pair your phone to the Strike iK-1 please follow the below steps:

a) Hold down the answer key until you hear 3 short beeps, after 8 seconds. (This puts the system into pairing mode for 5 minutes)
b) From your phone enter the bluetooth menu, ensuring bluetooth is on, and search for new devices
c) Select CARBT and enter the passcode 1234. The system will let out a positive beep to advise you are now paired.

3. The Strike iK-1 can pair up to 3 phones, if a new phone needs to be paired the kit will need to have its memory cleared. To do this hold down the answer key for 15 seconds and release when you hear 4 beeps.