Strike Reversing Sensors FAQs

Find information on Strike's reverse sensors.

Find answers to frequently asked questions on Strike's range of Reversing Sensors.

1. What is the required hole size for the sensor to be installed into the bumper bar?

2. Does the sensor have a top and bottom when installed into the bumper bar?
Yes and it is marked on the sensor head by a ridge on the top side with an arrow pointing upwards.

3. What is the bean pattern of the sensor head?
Oval in shape.

4. Do the sensors have memory in their final zone i.e. if a tow bar/ bike rack is installed on vehicle will the sensors detect it when in reverse?
No, the system does not have a memory.

5. What are the min & max distances the sensors can be installed next to each other?
There is no set rule for this however we recommend they are installed at even distances from each other to ensure consistent and accurate performance.We've not experienced a bumper where when the sensors fitted there are gaps in the detection range.

6. What is the min & max height the sensor can be installed on the bumper bar?
Depends on the bumper and if it it is angled or not. Typically as high as possible. Having the slight 3 degree angle means we do not have false alarms with the sensor picking up the road.

7. What is the painting process if we have to repaint?
The same as painting a car panel except wit(more...)