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Information on boosting mobile phone reception

One key feature of the Strike Alpha Cradle is to boost mobile phone reception thereby increasing call quality and decreasing the number of dropped calls. To what extent the Strike Alpha Cradle does this, means considering the many factors that affect mobile phone reception.

The below checklist would help you troubleshoot your antenna:

***Please make sure your Alpha cradle is connected to an antenna***

• If not then antenna boosting cannot work; we recommend Strike or RFI branded antennas.

1. If your Strike Alpha Cradle is connected to an antenna, what brand and model is it?

• If it is not a Strike or RFI antenna we can't guarantee performance as we don't know the quality of the antenna or the real frequencies other antennas are tuned to.

2. Doing a field test on most mobile phones is not an accurate way of measuring signal boost. In test mode they can display “potential” power delivered to phone antenna that is measured in negative dbm. The real figure can be different.

• Note that in many cases, especially when signal is relatively strong(more...)