Why is my phone not getting a strong signal in the cradle as other’s outside it?

Cell phone coverage depends on your carrier and how their cell tower coverage is in your location. Here are some of the reasons why some phones have better reception as others:

    • Your friend’s phone might be receiving signals from a different tower as yours. Some areas have multiple cell towers. Your device connected to the Strike Alpha Setup maintains its connection to a tower longer because the phone sees no need to change it. Whilst your friend’s phone that can no longer connect to the same tower is forced to search for a new one.

    • One of the phones is using a certain frequency. For example, one is using a 3G UMTS and the other is using 3G HDPA.

    • Your phone setting may be different from your friend’s. Your phone may be set to capture 3G network and your friend is set to 4G. Check your mobile signal settings to see if this is the case.

    • You and your friend have different mobile network providers or sim cards. Different Telcos have varying signal strength even when you’re in the same place.

    • Your cradle might be placed in a low signal area inside your vehicle. Vehicle’s metal and safety glass, and the materials making up the outer shell do an excellent job of blocking RF signals.

    • Your friend’s phone model might have better signal receptors compared to yours.

    • Your external antenna may not be properly connected or placed.

    • Your phone might have faulty signal receptors.

The best test is to drive with your Strike Alpha setup for a few weeks and notice you have better reception than before. You may also download a software like Network Cell Info (on android) that allows you to see on a map, or via dial, what tower you are connected to.