June 2022 – Strike Medical-Grade Tablet and iPad Cases




June 2022 – NEW RELEASE: Strike Medical-Grade Tablet and iPad Cases


Brisbane, June 22, 2022 – Strike Group, the leading manufacturer of innovative hands-free technology has recently released a medical-grade tablet case for the healthcare industry.

At present, workers in the healthcare industry rely on tablets for their daily operations. Being in a critical setting, these tablets must be cleaned and disinfected as often as needed. Rugged tablet solutions not only need to withstand heavy usage but also hospital-grade disinfectants.

With a suitable tablet case, healthcare professionals can continue maximising the use of tablets for seamless workflow whilst maintaining a safe and uncontaminated workplace. It also decreases the risk of spreading pathogens between workers and patients.

“We’ve seen how disruptive it is for businesses and economies when the contagious and high-risk viruses spread through workplaces. Strike Group continuously strives to design solutions that increase the safety of its users – in this case, individuals and healthcare professionals,” says Chris Ryan, CEO of Strike Group.

Strike Group designed antimicrobial cases for tablets and iPads. Strike’s tablet cases firmly hold and protect tablet devices from drops and damage in the toughest healthcare settings. The key features of Strike’s medical-grade rugged cases include access to all controls and ports, a 1mm raised edge for anti-scratch protection, and able to withstand frequent sanitation from hospital-grade disinfectants.

Strike Group’s medical-grade tablet and iPad cases are designed with clear and smooth surfaces to make cleaning easier.

Strike’s antimicrobial tablet rugged cases are slim and thin but durable and flame and scratch-resistant. Medical-grade tablet cases are now available for devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 10.4”, Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Tab S7/S8, iPad Pro 11”, iPad 2nd/3rd/4th Gen, and more. Visit Strike’s website to learn more. https://www.strike.com.au/protective-cases/medical-grade-tablet-cases.


You can download the pdf version of this media release here.


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