November 2013 Strike Alpha Cradle Product Launch

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Avoid fines and stay safe on the road with the world’s most advanced car cradle

BRISBANE, October 2013 – Strike, Australia’s leading provider of Bluetooth car technologies, has recently released a new generation of advanced phone cradles, the Strike Alpha. This Australian designed, engineered and manufactured car cradle, fully compliant with Australian road laws, will not only minimise driver distraction, but enhance the user experience.

With the number of traffic accidents relating to mobile phone usage growing, the Australian Government is cracking down on drivers illegally texting or using mobile phones. Police figures show 11,211 infringements for illegal mobile phone use, in NSW alone, have been issued in the past year, amounting to $3.34 million in government revenue, or $25,166 a day.

With a ban on touching a phone with any part of the body while driving, stopped at lights or in traffic, it is vital to have a fixed mobile phone cradle able to work with your hands-free Bluetooth car kit.

“Having to use your mobile phone whilst driving can be very distracting and any lapse in concentration increases the risk of being involved in a crash,” says Chris Ryan, CEO of Strike Group. “This is why we have developed the Strike Alpha – to make using your mobile phone while driving as easy and safe as possible.”

Whilst the Strike Alpha car cradle is designed to fit the user’s phone perfectly, it also includes a flush passive antenna that boosts mobile signal - rural coverage has never been so stable. The Strike Alpha is also the fastest car cradle charger in the world.

As phone technology is rapidly evolving, the Strike Alpha is designed to be easily updated to accommodate any device changes. With multiple mounting options and an impressive three-year warranty, the Strike Alpha will keep the phone secure and minimise distraction for the driver.

The Strike Alpha is also the only car cradle with an embedded NFC (Near Field Communication) chip allowing NFC enabled phone users to automatically control phone functions when the device is placed in the Alpha Cradle*.

This breakthrough technology will enhance every users experience by being able to start music, navigation and Strike’s embedded GPS tracking all while the phone is safely docked in its cradle,” says Adam Rockett, Managing Director of Strike Group. “In the same way, the phone’s Bluetooth can easily be turned on and off, saving on the phone’s battery.”

The Strike Alpha cradle is compatible with all Bluetooth car kits, adding versatility to functionality. It’s also fully pass through compatible, which means it can be used with any car kit, entertainment unit or even computer.

The Strike Alpha can be professionally installed through/with power packs supplied or installed by the user using the supplied cigarette lighter charger. With numerous mounts and settings available, the cradle can be set up and positioned according to the user’s preference. The Strike Alpha cradle accepts 12/24 volt charging which makes it great for both cars and trucks, and suitable for all contemporary Smartphones.


You can download the full pdf file here.

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Strike Group is Australia’s leading provider and manufacturer o f innovative car technologies. Strike integrates innovative design and seamless engineering in all of its products. The company now exports to 72 countries having appointed key partners in the American and European market.
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