Workspace and Retail Desk Tablet Holders

There are many reasons for you to get a desk phone and a tablet holder. Whether you need to position your device with a clear view, manage a store with barcode scanners and POS terminals, or want to maintain a clean workspace, you can use Strike’s car cradle mounts.

Maintaining a clean and neat workspace increases business productivity. Keeping your workspace tidy also helps to clear out your thoughts. Thoughts tend to jumble up when you see a mess in front of you. Using a tablet holder is also better than just picking up and stacking your tablets as you go.

Do you have an Android tablet, iPad, or POS terminal you want to connect beside your tablets? Strike’s car cradle mounts will keep your device securely mounted whilst you work. These mounting solutions are suitable for various industries, including Retail, Logistics, Warehousing, and more.

Strike Steel Side Mounting Bracket

If you’re trying to combine a phone and tablet or tablet and POS terminal, we recommend the Strike’s steel side mounting bracket. It allows you to connect two devices for a dual-screen experience. It is helpful, especially for retail stores and other businesses. With this mounting setup, you can have your barcode scanner, POS terminal, and tablet safely connected and mounted in one place for a more efficient workflow process. It’s also easier to remember and pick up your devices when they’re mounted in one place.

*Strike’s side steel bracket is only compatible with any Strike Alpha Phone Holder and Tablet Holder. This steel mount is also compatible with RAM Mounts solutions.

Strike Universal Tablet Desk Stand

Tablets in a retail environment, enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency. Tablets are useful for customers to freely browse your products and view your promotions in your in-store tablet displays. From an operational perspective, mounting tablets in one place improves the workflow system since employees can easily view daily tasks and logs in one go.

Strike’s universal desk tablet stand secures your tablet with optimal viewing adjustments. You can use this tablet stand to mount your device on any countertop or flat surface. It can also be adjusted to suit your needs since it can be rotated by 360°. Additionally, it’s also designed to be sturdy and durable, suitable for industries with harsh work conditions.

View our wide range of car cradle mounts here. For more mounting solutions and inquiries, you can email us at [email protected]
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