Why is Mobile Signal Boosting Important to Law Enforcement Operations?

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Working in law enforcement entails the need for constant communication. Police officers and those in public safety often get caught in mission-critical activities – constantly paging one another for updates and passing on information such as whereabouts and the status of operations. Most importantly, communication lines must always be kept open in times of threatening situations that require the call for backup.

Strike’s Solution for Weak Cellular Reception Issues

To put your mind at ease when traveling to low signal areas, try our Patch Lead and Antenna Bundles! Strike has bundles available for Telstra Netgear Nighthawk M1, Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced, Telstra 4GX USB + WiFi Plus, and Optus 4G LTE WiFi Router.

Magnetic Base Antenna Bundles and Bullbar Mount Antenna Bundles are available. Choose which one you prefer!

Telstra Netgear Nighthawk M1 Patch Lead & Magnetic Base Antenna Bundle, Telstra WiFi 4G Advanced Patch Lead & Magnetic Base Bundle

Telstra 4GX USB Patch Lead & Bullbar Mount Antenna Bundle and Optus 4G LTE WiFi Router Patch Lead & Bullbar Mount Antenna Bundle

Our high-quality Strike antennas can boost your mobile reception by up to 7dBi to prevent undesirable loss of cellular data. You can have these antennas installed on your vehicle and gain steady cellular reception while on the road for mobile boosting. Now, officers and first responders can travel areas with weak signals without blacked out mobile coverage.

This mobile boosting setup will perfectly work when you mount your handheld device and PTToC device on your vehicle with a Strike Alpha cradle. View our full range of Alpha cradles available here.

Need more convincing? Here’s a video of a Strike B2 Bullbar Mount Antenna improving the signal of Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro in a Faraday Cage:

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