Why Does Technology Replace Traditional POS Systems?

With the fast advancement of technology, tablets and iPads will soon replace traditional POS systems in the upcoming years. Businesses are keen on providing comfort and convenience on payment transactions of their customers and partners, thus creating innovative solutions.

An identified problem is that many consumers carry less cash-on-hand. Quest Payment Systems, the leading provider of payment technology in Australia, developed tap-on-phone technology to resolve this issue and make transactions faster. Quests presents the tap-on-phone solution, which is beneficial for customers and small businesses that are established enough to accept contactless card payments.

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With technology like the tap-on-phone solution from Quest, iPads and tablets are a preferred option for small and large businesses. Small businesses will likely opt for mobile POS since this is a more cost-effective alternative than purchasing POS hardware.

Left: Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 Tablet Cradle

Right: Strike Steel Mounting Bracket with RAM Ball Mount with Round Base

As one of the leaders of innovation in hands-free technology, Strike has developed heavy-duty mounts to hold and protect tablet POS systems, monitors, or signature capture systems. Strike POS mounts can be installed on countertops, walls, desks, or any surface. You can save space and prevent tip-overs when you have your POS system mounted on countertops.

Strike POS mounts are designed with a universal AMPS and VESA pattern – fully compatible with RAM mounting solutions. Strike POS mounts also provide flexible viewing options for your tablet-based POS device. The Strike Steel Tablet Mounting Bracket is made of 3mm thick and high-quality steel, making it the most heavy-duty bracket in the market.

Strike Steel Tablet Mounting Bracket is the perfect combination for the Strike Alpha line of tablet cradles. Strike POS mounts and Strike Alpha tablet holders, when used together, are a highly reliable and optimum POS mounting solution.

Strike has developed an enterprise-grade tablet cradle for Samsung’s latest rugged device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2. The Strike Alpha Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 tablet holder is ideal for the retail industry since it ensures that your tablet device is safely held even in tough working environments.

The Strike Alpha Galaxy Tab Active 2 tablet cradle comes with a lockable feature to keep your tablet safeguarded wherever you mount it. Check out the lockable version here.

View this video to learn more about the Strike Steel Tablet Mounting Bracket.

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