What We Know About Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung’s release of the S10’s successor is on the 11th of February. We’re not sure if the sudden leak is a deliberate move to hype things for their launch or if this was an honest mistake. But at just a few days before its release, Samsung “accidentally” published a phone accessory product page for the Samsung Galaxy S20. And although it only went live for a short period of time, some people, including WinFuture managed to catch a glimpse of what we can expect for the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup.

We’ll now have to scrap our guess that the next S10 would be a Samsung Galaxy S11 since we’ve now confirmed that the next unit would be named Samsung Galaxy S20. And while it’s a bit unfortunate that Samsung had a leak, it does bring a bit of excitement for consumers that are waiting for what’s coming in their next phone upgrade.

The S20 series is rumored to come in three models: Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra. From the name of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra we’re presuming that this would be the fastest and most advanced from the lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Pricing:

What exactly are we expecting for an S20’s price? It would be safe to think that the Galaxy S20 series would be at the same price level with the iPhone 11. Ready your wallets because here’s the rumored pricing:
Galaxy S20: $850 (900 to 1,000 euros)
Galaxy S20 Plus: $950 (1,050 to 1,100 euros)
Galaxy S20 Ultra: $1,200 (1,300 euros)

Samsung Galaxy S20 Specs and More:

Samsung’s advanced 5-nanometer chip is an upgrade that’s enough to send Apple shaking. With 5nm chips we're hoping for faster phone performance without compensating battery life. Samsung’s expected to manufacture the Galaxy S20 with 5nm chips (Snapdragon 865) and might just be the first mobile device with this technology.

We know that you’re curious about the Galaxy S20’s phone quality. The phone you should look out for is the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s rumored to boast 108MP for its primary camera with 8K recording making it a tough phone to beat for 2020.

The three Samsung S20 units are also rumored to be 5G-ready for its cellular reception. And although this is a good upgrade, not all cities and countries are technically 5G-ready. The Samsung S20 might as well serve as a 4G-ready phone for locations that aren’t equipped with 5G services. But hey, an upgrade is still an upgrade.

Other Specs:

  • Internal Storage Options: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB with expandable storage up to 1TB
  • 12GB and 16GB RAM configurations
  • 120Hz AMOLED display

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