What Type of Screen Protector is Best for Samsung’s Business Tablets?

Samsung’s line of tablets for work is designed to achieve optimum business results and streamlined work efficiencies. The Korean tech giant also has different ranges for their business tablets such as the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, Tab Active 3, Tab S6, and more. All tablets, however, were made with defence-grade security, long-lasting battery, and powerful features that drive productivity.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro 10.1"

Although Samsung’s business tablets were made with durability, it’s still prone to damages, such as a cracked screen from accidental drops. Cracked screens can eventually lead to heavier damage, especially if it’s more than just a surface crack on the glass. Depending on the fall, even the LCD could acquire damage and display replacements which often cost almost the same price as when you purchase a new device. 

What Type of Screen Protector Works Best with Enterprise Tablets?

Enterprise workforces essentially need to keep their screens easily readable for work. It’s crucial that information can be viewed at a glance. Whether exposed during the day or night, content and productivity are required to be tracked smoothly. 

Generally, there are different kinds of screen protectors available in the market. There are screen protectors that are anti-glare or privacy screen protectors. However, we recommend a clear tempered glass screen protector that fits the purpose of Samsung’s tablets for work.

Left: Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019) (ACC-STK SP SAM TAB A 8 2019 TG )
Right: Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 (ACC-STK SP SAM Tab Active 3 - TG)

For enterprise use, the goal of tempered glass is to provide a clear screen whilst preventing scratches and damages from everyday use. Strike’s Galaxy tablet screen protectors also provide responsive touch capability. For devices like the Galaxy Tab Active 3 and Galaxy Tab Active Pro, you can still take advantage of being able to operate the device whilst wearing gloves in any environment.

We also have tempered glass screen protectors available for the Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Galaxy Tab Active Pro. You can check out Strike’s wide range of tempered glass for Samsung, Panasonic, Apple, and other devices here. You can also choose to purchase a rugged case with screen protector bundle. Check it out here.

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