What Should You Know About the New Road Law for 2020?

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What’s new with our road laws for 2020? Queensland updated their road laws over the previous month and are set to be implemented by February of 2020. Queensland aimed to fine distracted motorists by up to a thousand dollars – a value that’s more than double their current fine of $400 and 3 demerit points if you’re caught with a mobile phone on your hand.

What are the mobile phone restrictions while driving?

  • Holding your phone to turn it on/off
  • Sending a message
  • Making or receiving calls
  • Using any other function on your phone

What are allowed while driving?

  • Receiving calls are allowed through Bluetooth functions (if the driver does not touch the phone)
  • You can use the GPS and entertainment functionality of your mobile device if you have it prepared before driving on the road

It was reported that a woman from New South Wales was fined $337 because one of her passengers used FaceTime. This is being carefully considered in Queensland. Even a child’s behavior over the backseat is recognized. For example, watching a DVD can also be considered if it’s a distraction to the vehicle behind you.

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