What is RAM Mount and Why We Need It

We are possessed by technology in our everyday lives. As technology advance further and further, human kind is enveloped more and more by the internet of things. What tech companies do not realise is that users of their smart devices do not only need efficiency in design but also utility.

A smartphone cannot hold itself when you’re driving or working a forklift, less so a tablet. That is why RAM Mounts continue to find innovative ways to house these smart devices that can withstand environments ranging from every day to extremely harsh.

RAM Mounts for tablet and smartphone are durable, rugged and versatile device holders; fantastic at holding, securing, and protecting your expensive smart devices. RAM’s phone holders are compatible with Samsung, Apple iPhone, GoPro, Microsoft, and many more.

The RAM device holders not only protect your device; it also makes sure your device sits sturdily where you want to attach it. There are a vast range of RAM mounts: Ram Universal X-Grip®, Ram Tab-Tite™, RAM Tab-Lock™, RAM Twist-Lock™, RAM Ez-On/Off™ Bicycle Mount, etc.

The RAM X Grip has four spring-loaded steel legs with soft rubber fingers that will hold your device with an impressive, strong grip. As it is universal, it can fit any mobile phone, phablet, or tablet. The RAM X Grip patented legs are designed not to cover or obstruct any buttons to not impinge on your device’s accessibility. Its simple design allows for full utility. The X-Grip is RAM’s best-selling smartphone mount. It comes in a RAM Tough-Claw™ mount, RAM Lil Buddy™ adhesive stick base mount, RAM Mighty-Buddy™ snap link suction cup mount, and RAM Ez-On/Off™ mount versions.

Whereas, RAM form-fitted cradles are slim and not too bulky. They keep your device looking neat when its installed onto your vehicle. A RAM form-fitted phone/tablet holder features a high strength composite cradle and a hold pattern that is interchangeable with other RAM components, cradles, and mounts that contain the universal AMPs hole pattern.

RAM also have uniquely designed bicycle mounts and mounts with RAM Intelliskin™ With Gds Technology™. Ram Tab-Tite™ cradles are spring-loaded and feature quick release mechanisms that allow easy removal and loading of your iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or PC. Furthermore, RAM Tab-Lock™ cradles feature a patented locking mechanism that operates to secure your device to your vehicle.

Manufactured in the US, RAM mounts are produced with high quality material, making it a device holder that’s suitable for all weather conditions. Simply dock it onto your vehicle, open your preferred navigation app, and you’re ready to drive. RAM mounts for phone, tablet, and GPS provide the perfect response for the modern age of technological advancement.

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