Strike’s Upgraded Fast Wireless Charging Cradles

Fast charging is a relatively new feature in the world of technology, and is a unique to Samsung and Android devices. However, with Apple’s recent release of its latest flagship smartphones – the all-glass, inductive-charging compatible iPhone X and iPhone 8/Plus – it is clear that more and more devices are being developed with wireless charging functionality.

Strike’s Wireless Charging Car Cradles have also seen an upgrade from normal wireless charging to ‘Qi’ compatible adaptive fast charging technology.

With its fast charging capability, a device charges up to twice its usual speed. This feature, coupled with state-of-the-art wireless charging, allows your device to charge without the hassle of plugging and unplugging your phone that may cause significant stress to your USB port.

Strike’s wireless charging phone holder’s new DCDC converter and car charger now have adaptive fast charging capabilities. This means it can have an output of either 9V/1.67A or 5V/2A and is compatible with fast charging devices such as the latest iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus, and Note 8.

The new Alpha wireless charging components can provide an output of up to 10W rather than the 5W output experienced in the old components; thus, improving wireless charge rate by up to 48% to compatible devices.

Feel free to check out our new range of Qi-enabled Fast Charging Wireless Cradles in our Strike Alpha Car Cradle series here.

About Strike Group

Samsung partner Strike Group is Australia’s leading provider and manufacturer of innovative car technologies. Strike integrates innovative design and seamless engineering in all its products. The company now exports to 72 countries having appointed key partners in the American and European market.

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