Upcoming Smartphones for 2021

It’s the perfect time to be checking out phone upgrades because 2021 is packed with many of the latest smartphone options. We’re closer to seeing the launch of Huawei’s P50 range, whilst Samsung’s Note 21 and Z Fold 3 range and Apple’s iPhone 13 series will follow suit. Which of these smartphones are you excited to learn about next?

Huawei P50

There isn’t a definite date yet for the release of Huawei’s P50 range. The P50 series might launch either in April or May. We all know that the P40 predecessor was already a powerhouse packed with its superb processor, battery life, and performance. The only thing holding back for Huawei’s P50 lineup is access to Google’s services. It’s a hard fix, but they are trying to provide their operating system. This issue has led to the birth of Huawei’s HarmonyOS. It’s exciting to expect that Huawei’s P50 series is rumoured to be the first to run with this operating system.

Huawei P50
Image taken from: techradar

Apple iPhone 13

As usual, we should be expecting the iPhone 13 range somewhere around a September date. Its rumoured release date is September 24. Although months away, rumours are already surfacing and creating noise online.

iPhone 13
Image from: LetsGoDigital

The iPhone 13 range is said to have an iPhone 13 Mini, PRO, and PRO Max models similar to what we saw last year. It’s expected that its specifications would present an improved battery life, 5G connectivity, camera upgrades, and 120Hz display (at least for the PRO models).

Here’s what we know so far:

  • The iPhone 13 will have a smaller display notch.
  • The iPhone 13 range might have a thicker design to allow a bigger battery.
  • We’re expecting a 120Hz display for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • The latest Apple range will feature the latest A15 Bionic chip, which should boost the overall performance of the iPhone 13.
  • The new iPhone 13 models are rumoured to be available in the following colours: space grey, orange, bronze, and black shades.

If you’re curious about the iPhone 13’s price range, it’s also expected to be priced at $699, $799, $999, and $1,099, respectively. You have until September to start saving if you’re looking to cop one of these devices from Apple’s iPhone 13 series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 21

Whilst we should be expecting this amazing lineup for this year, Samsung’s Note 21’s release is rumoured to be held back until the following year. The reason for the postponement of its launch is said to be because of chipset shortage. However, the bigger question that we all have in mind is whether Samsung will be discontinuing the Note 21 range or not? While these are just rumours, we’ll be waiting for Samsung’s announcement for this one.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Image from: techradar

Since the Galaxy Z Fold was missing during the Galaxy S21 series and Samsung Unpacked event unveiling, we’re expecting its debut sometime this year. Although there is no definite release date yet, rumours suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will launch by the second half of the year.

What are we expecting for Samsung’s unconventional Galaxy Z Fold 3? It’s given that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will feature a big foldable screen again, but here’s the latest rumors so far:

  • Leaks are saying that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will feature S-Pen support similar with the Galaxy S21 range.
  • The latest Z Fold device costs $1,999, which is expected for Samsung’s high-end foldable phone.
  • The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be available in green and black colours.
  • The latest foldable phone should be running with Snapdragon 888 as this is the leading processor for Android phones. Its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, was released with Snapdragon 865.

If you’re looking for a device similar to the productivity the Galaxy Note 20 features, and if ever it’s true that the Note 21 series will postpone the launch until the following year, the closest would be the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Overall, it’s hard to decide which phone will be the best for your next upgrade.

Which of the phones above are you excited for?

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