Travel safely and legally at Easter

Easter is an exciting time of year. Post-Christmas, it seems as if life is non-stop so getting away for the four-day weekend over Easter is a pinnacle in many Australian families’ lives.

Many people decide to go on road trip getaways. These are always lots of fun and create many memories but the Easter road toll each year is tragically something in the back of every travellers’ minds. Handheld mobile phone use is incredibly dangerous and despite often tragic outcomes and of course large fines and subtraction of demerit points, people still continue to talk or text away while driving. If you’re caught with your phone in your hand while driving, you’ll lose 4 demerit points and get a fine of at least $300 (depending on which state you live in). Now that’s a lot of Easter chocolate.

Under Australian legislation, it is legal to use your phone only if you’re not touching it i.e. using a Bluetooth device or voice activation.

At Strike, your safety is our priority. We want you to arrive at your destination safely but we understand that you’ll probably need some form of access to your phone at some stage throughout the trip. Our large range of car cradles have been designed to comply with Australian legislative standards. They also have charging capabilities which means you’ll never have to be without your phone when driving. The cradles custom fit a variety of phones which means that you know your phone will be getting the best possible hands-free match.

With the purchase of a car cradle, your attention can be cast to the views on your road trip and not the view of forking out a hefty fine.

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