The Strike Alpha Roadshow Success Story

A two week-long roadshow around Australia sounds quite draining, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what we just finished up but we came back with a sense of pride and accomplishment after the successful promotion of our Strike Alpha Cradle range as a result of brilliant attendance and feedback.

A total of seven roadshows taking place in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth hosted a total of approximately 500 guests which demonstrates the strong interest in our Strike Alpha Cradle range and the current success of Strike.

Our Telstra roadshow in Adelaide and Perth also had much success and outstanding attendance.

We put the utmost of care into each roadshow presentation in which we provided each guest with a free Strike Alpha Cradle and of course some nice catering to accompany that.

We’re very happy to announce that the feedback on the Strike Alpha Cradle was positive, with guests describing it as ‘superior to previous car cradles/car kits’ and they were especially happy with the fact that we’ve built cradles which accommodate a range of phone cases which took away the inconvenience of removing a phone case every time they want to use a hands-free kit.

Guests were also happy with the amount of time and finances we have invested in our Alpha Cradle range in order to provide the best quality products.

We did, however, have one concern –was 90 minutes too long to talk about just our Strike Alpha Cradle range?

We quickly learnt that we needn’t have worried as even though the presentation consisted of just a 10-minute formal brief at the start, conversation flowed well with our dealers which enabled us to talk about opportunities with the dealers and that conversation took the presentation above and beyond the 90-minute mark.

We’d like to thank all of the guests who helped to make the roadshow such a success and we look forward to further promoting our Strike Alpha Cradle range.

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