The Phone Case Designed for an Adventurous Lifestyle

Are you an adventure seeker? Capture your favourite moments no matter where you are and under any condition with LifeProof. LifeProof designed cases according to four different proofs: waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof, and dropproof.

LifeProof created a solution for smartphone users that have a thirst for action and adventure. Thrill-seekers no longer have to hesitate with taking their phone out to capture memories in places thriving on snow, dirt, or water. With LifeProof, you can also fear less about dropping you phone because all their rugged cases are designed to withstand impacts from accidental drops.

Here’s a table to show the different proofs side by side.

Proofs Drop, dirt, snow Water, drop, dirt, snow Drop Water, drop, dirt, snow
Screen Protection Compatibility ✓ Alpha Glass
✓ Amplify Clear
✓ Glare Guard
✓ Alpha Glass for NÜÜD Compatible ✓ Alpha Glass
✓ Amplify Clear
✓ Glare Guard
✓ Edge2Edge
✓ Built-In Screen Protection
QI Wireless Compatible
Lifeactiv compatible

Submersible to 6.6 feet / 2 meters for 1 hour Sealed from dirt + dust Closed to snow + ice Survives drops from 6.6 feet / 2 meters

With a LifeProof rugged case exposing your mobile device to water, snow, mud, and dirt is possible. If you’re planning on going skiing, surfing, or skateboarding, LifeProof is there to protect your mobile device in the best way imaginable. LifeProof currently has rugged cases for Apple, Samsung, and select Google devices. View available LifeProof rugged cases here.

See LifeProof in action with this video here!

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