The iPhone X

iPhone X Rumours (and iPhone 8 is actually the iPhone 7s?)

Recently leaked iOS 11 Golden Master (GM) firmware revealed the name of Apple’s latest next-gen flagship. Apparently, it’s called the iPhone X.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iPhone, the Cupertino-based tech company has prepared three different versions of its highly-anticipated smartphone to bestow upon their avid customers this year. They are the OLED iPhone X, the LCD iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus.

Pioneering the next-generation of smart devices is the iPhone X. The edge-to-edge OLED, glass-backed, premium priced (A$1200+) device will come pre-installed with the latest iOS 11 mobile operating system featuring a new 3D facial recognition technology rumoured to be called Face ID, which intends to replace the Touch ID fingerprint sensing technology.


The glass back will accommodate wireless charging, but the device will still support their unique Lightning charging capabilities. Also, the iPhone X will have vertical dual back-facing cameras instead of horizontal dual cameras like those in the iPhone 7 Plus.

According to Stephen Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) on Twitter, iPhone X will feature interactive ‘ears’. The battery icon will zoom in when it is plugged in and the time indicator bubble will change colour when taking a call or recording. The fact that there will be ‘ears’ means that the rumours about the ‘notch’ at the top of the screen were right. The notch is there to accommodate the speakers, the cameras, and the facial recognition system. Whether that will be distracting is something we must wait and see.

Apple is reinventing how their iOS systems function with the removal of its iconic home button. But if there’s no more home button, what happens to Siri?

Never fear. Your trusty voice-activated friend will still exist. She (or he) will now be summoned by pressing down the lock button.

Apple Inc. will most likely reveal these phones at an event in Cupertino, California tomorrow held at the Steve Jobs Theatre. We cannot wait to find out more about these highly-anticipated 10th anniversary iPhones.

Appleinsider predicts the iPhone X will launch sometime in October.

iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8/Plus is essentially just the iPhone 7s/Plus. The cheaper edition of the iPhone X will feature better processors and cameras than their previous iPhone 7/Plus counterparts.

Unlike the X, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices are likely to retain the iconic home button. Additionally, the iPhone 8/Plus is rumoured to have glass backs as well, which will allow wireless conductive charging. Other than that, the iPhone 8 doesn’t seem to be too different than the iPhone 7 (or the 6s, or the 6, to be honest).

Pre-orders for these phones from the Apple website may occur around September 15-16th. The iPhone 8 is expected to be released on September 22nd.

Other Apple rumours – the new 2017 AirPods & Apple Watch Series 3?

Alongside the new iPhone rumours, sources indicate there may be an updated version of the Apple AirPods this year, too. AirPods are wire-less ear buds that were introduced last year in conjunction with the iPhone 7/Plus which saw the disappearance of the earphone jack.

The iOS 11 GM leak also revealed that a new edition of the Apple Watch with LTE radio connection might be in the works. We look forward to learning more about its features in the upcoming weeks.

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