The Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things?

Your device is part of a vast and expanding ecosystem known as the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

According to the Business Insider, the Internet of Things is a ‘network of internet-connected objects able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors’. (Meola, 2016) What this means at face level is that most of the electronic devices – smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, tablets, televisions, security cameras, etc. – we own and use are connected to the internet. This is self-explanatory.

But what the definition implies is that these devices can be monitored or even be controlled remotely whether we like it or not. It is the price we pay for the internet: to gain access to its abundance of data, we are willing to give up our personal details (i.e. date of birth, location, etc.).

We have essentially subscribed our lives away to the world’s greatest information breeding ground. The greatest information breeding ground that is accessible 24/7 with a simple tap or scan of our fingertips. Perhaps that’s scary for some people, but it’s hard to deny that the Internet of Things is irresistible.

The Internet of Things is making us smarter

Access to information is not detrimental to anyone’s health. It’s just the way we choose to access them or the way we obsess over minute details that can jeopardise our humanity.

People access the internet every day. Enterprises and governments utilise the internet to connect people. This creates a widespread of knowledge and it is one reason why viral marketing is so successful.

This may be a textbook ‘hivemind’ situation: everyone can learn of your whereabouts; those who have contrary opinions will be shut down until everyone is indoctrinated with similar philosophies and understanding of the world. Obviously, this can only be an exaggeration. After all, there are enough Sci-Fi shows out there to keep our internet use in check.

Therefore, access to information does not make us single minded, in fact, we are more socially aware of the events that revolves around us. The internet of things is making us smarter.

Reasons why the Internet of Things is vital for our times

Business Insider estimates that by 2020, there will be more than 24 billion IoT devices on Earth. (Meola, 2016) Other sources go even beyond and estimates a number more than 100 billion! (Morgan, 2014)

In recent years, there has been development of Wi-Fi connection in trains, cars, and airplanes, which were traditionally considered as phone-free environments. This is known as ‘connected’ or ‘smart’ transportation.

Four or five years ago, in-flight connectivity would be something unheard of. However, various internet providers have allowed their services to be used in the air via sensors embedded inside the airplane. Currently, a fast internet connection is yet to be obtained, but at least work is accessible in the sky as well.

Smartphones have become the all-powerful versatile IoT device that companies use for an efficient and cost-effective alternative to embedded navigation systems.

Smartphones and tablets are directly linked to their service providers and therefore, have constant access to system upgrades. Further, they can be configured to access cloud computing, locate and monitor other company vehicles, diagnose risks, and record real-time data.

This free transfer of information from one device to another via embedded sensors, networks, and software creates a mutually beneficial system. Businesses, governments, and general consumers are brought together in one place. Depending on your service provider, anyone can reach anyone within seconds.

Thanks to the Internet of Things our world has become more tangible than ever.

Strike’s contribution to the Internet of Things

To connect with the Internet of Things, these IoT devices must be tethered to vehicles in a way that doesn’t jeopardise work efficiency.

We at Strike manufacture solutions that cater to the growing market of companies and people adopting internet-connected devices. In particular, our Strike Alpha Car Cradles offer steady device mounting solutions for drivers and workplace efficiency.

On one occasion, a fleet management company required a reliable mounting solution to hold their devices in place within their vehicles during mission critical activities. We offered a solution within a week that allowed them to abide local road laws and maintain their business.

The Strike Alpha Car Cradle is a durable IoT device holder intelligently designed to hold, charge, and protect devices while driving. We have a vast range of Alpha Car Cradles on our website that are custom designed to suit devices such as smartphones, payment terminals, alarm transmitters, handheld computers, card readers, tablets, and GPS.

Designed and crash-tested to withstand up to 25g, the Alpha Cradle can protect tablets, smartphones, and GPS from tough road conditions.

Feel free to check out our range of cradle products here.

About Strike Group

Strike Group is Australia’s leading provider and manufacturer of innovative car technologies. Strike integrates innovative design and seamless engineering in all its products. The company now exports to 72 countries having appointed key partners in the American and European market.

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