The brand new Apple iPad Air Strike Alpha car mount!

At Strike, we’re constantly creating and innovating new products to add to our extensive range. We’re very excited to announce that we’re about to release the Strike Alpha Cradle for iPad Air. We’re especially excited about this new product as it’s the first tablet solution that we’re selling online.This iPad cradle aligns with Strike’s philosophy of creating quality products and it is compatible with any Bluetooth car kit so there is no need for you to buy any extra accessories or jump through hoops in order to be able to charge and boost the reception of you iPad Air when driving.

As well as being crafted at our design house in Brisbane, the cradle has an internal passive antenna booster which is specifically tuned for Australian networks so you can be assured that the Cradle can boost the signal of your iPad Air to the best of its ability.

You never have to worry about your iPad battery running low –there is up to 2 amps of output which gives a superior charge.

iPads require specific accessories and included in your Alpha Cradle for iPad Air kit is a ‘made for iPhone’ Apple lightning cable which ensures that there will be no issues in charging your iPad Air. The iPad car mount aspect of this cradle contains a swivel mount which makes means that you can position your iPad Air in a place that suits you.

We hope that you enjoy our user-friendly, simple, and innovative creation.

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