The Best Wireless Chargers for 2022

Fumbling for your charger at different hours of the day is a thing of the past now. Cable management is now essential, especially when you’re trying to charge different devices. In reality, though, you’d still need to connect the cord to an outlet to make wireless chargers work. The only difference is you get to plug it in places around your house where the cables aren’t in plain sight.
You can even check out different options for wireless chargers, including stands, pads, desktop chargers, and more. They all keep your desk neat and clean, and you never have to worry about looking for your phone charger since it’s already mounted in one place.
Strike designs the best wireless chargers in the market with various designs for you to choose from. Whether you’re charging from your vehicle or at home, Strike has the perfect wireless charger for you.

The Best Wireless Charging Pad

This wireless charging pad is suitable for your vehicle, home, or office. Simply position the charging pad on a flat surface. This wireless charger allows safe and fast charging and is fully compatible with 5W and 10W mode charging.
It also comes with a stand function that doubles as a phone holder. So, if you’re not charging your phone, you can use it for horizontal viewing whilst on the road or at home. Additionally, it comes with a non-slip rubber mat that ensures your phone is held firmly whilst charging.
The Best Wireless Car Charger
If you’re the type of person that has multiple devices to charge whilst on the road, then we recommend Strike’s 4 in 1 wireless car charger cup. It has 4 slots for charging: 1 for your QI-enabled smartphone, 1 for your AirPods, and 2x dual USB charging ports. Strike’s wireless car charger is compatible with 5W, 7.5W, and 10W mode charging. It even has an intelligent airflow design to lessen noise and quickly heat or cool your device when charging, depending on the current temperature.
Charge multiple devices simultaneously with this 4 in 1 wireless car charger cup!
The Best Wireless Desk Charger
If you are looking for a neat and organised look for your setup, we recommend the Strike’s under desk wireless charger. It’s easy to install on any flat surface and perfect for use under your tables, nightstand, or countertop. This wireless charger can charge your device under your tables with up to 33mm in thickness. Maintain a neat table or workstation with this wireless charger!
The Best Wireless Charging Stand
If you’re looking for a desktop charger for your workplace, this 4-pack wireless charging stand is perfect! Try Strike’s wireless desktop charger if you know your team constantly needs to charge their work phones or personal devices. Aside from safe and fast charging, the best thing about Strike’s desktop charger is that you can connect additional charging bays to it as your team grows.
Check out Strike’s wide range of wireless chargers here. For inquiries, send us an email at [email protected].
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