Style Your Samsung Galaxy S20 with a Phone Case

When you purchase a new phone, it’s natural that you would want to buy a phone case to go with it. The Samsung Galaxy S20 will have your money flying with its $$$ price. For a phone as expensive as that you’ll want to have it kept safe from scratches or damages. Imagine dropping your brand-new Samsung S20 and the LCD cracks. Yikes, if the phone costs dollars, the repairs are going to be expensive too.

What are the benefits of Using a Phone Case?

  1. Protection
    - It’s normal for someone to accidentally drop their phone at least once. Most phone cases in the market have shock absorption features. The competition is tough for manufacturers to provide the best drop protection. If you own an expensive phone like a Galaxy S20, you wouldn’t want it.

  2. Heat and Dust Resistant
    - If you’re the person that works in hot temperatures, then your Samsung S20 phone case should be able to withstand certain heat. Phones tend to malfunction when overheating. Your phone’s mic and speaker’s ports are also prone to clogging by dust and dirt. Certain phone cases are designed to reduce the accumulation of dust.

  3. Aesthetics
    - You can let your phone case define your personality depending on its style. Choose a phone case that can complement your daily look while giving your device the protection it needs.

LifeProof Nëxt for Galaxy S20/Galaxy S20 5g

LifeProof Nëxt’s clear and sleek style is a case suitable for any work and lifestyle condition considering that it’s dirt, drop, and snow proof. LifeProof provides a rugged case for your Samsung Galaxy S20 while giving a minimalist aesthetic vibe. Perfect, if you want to keep your latest high-end device low-profile. Plus, you get to slip your phone into your pocket easily.

OtterBox Galaxy S20/Galaxy S20 5G Symmetry Series Case

OtterBox has several designs for a Samsung Galaxy S20 rugged case. OtterBox has options from the Otter + Pop Symmetry Series, Defender Series, and Commuter Series. But I’m highlighting this one to match the minimalist style of the Lifestyle Nëxt that we mentioned earlier. This black OtterBox Galaxy S20/S20 5G, rugged Symmetry case, gives off a corporate vibe. Sleek, simple, but don’t let the looks fool you because it’s fortified with drop protection.

What’s your Galaxy S20 phone case going to be next? Check out our available Strike, OtterBox, and LifeProof rugged cases through these links.

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