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Everyone’s talking about the global pandemic we’re facing with the coronavirus outbreak. Several governments are being forced to put their countries on a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread and contain it. Health care systems are struggling to control the virus while the government is trying to flatten the curve by strictly implementing social distancing. The World Health Organization is also reminding us to protect ourselves and others by staying at home. On a side note, mounting your tablet will be useful in the long run for you and the whole family.

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What are the things that we can do while at home? Netflix. That’s the one thing that immediately comes to mind if we’re going to stay indoors. It’s too bad that you can’t have a Netflix Watch party on a tablet or iPad with friends. But still, nothing sounds more enticing than getting to watch your favorite movies and catching up with the latest series.

Here’s how to mount your tablet mounts at home for comfortable viewing while you stream the best shows on Netflix:

You can easily install your iPad or tablet device on any flat and smooth surface with a Strike Universal Tablet Holder. All you have to do is dock your device in the Universal Tablet Holder and use the Windscreen Suction Mount included in the package to hold your device on any glass surface like your kitchen countertop. It also comes with a disc that can be used if the seal is not available.

Strike Universal Tablet Holder

You can mount your tablet device on any location of your home. Install it on your work desk, kitchen counter, or by your bedroom table. Enjoy your favorite apps like Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and more on your tablet hands-free. With the Strike Universal Tablet Cradle, you can also stream your Spotify playlist as you clean up around the house or use your tablet to follow your favorite recipes.

You can check out the available Strike Universal Cradles here.

Once you have your tablet mount set-up it should look like this image below:

Strike Universal Phone Holder

Here’s a video to guide you through with the Strike Universal Cradle:

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