iPad Pro? iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is currently the latest and most powerful Apple tablet on the market. The device is available in two sizes: 9.7” (2048 x 1536) and 12.9” (2732 x 2048).


Image from Apple.com/ca


The smaller iPad Pro (9.7”) comes in rose gold, space grey, gold, and white. It weighs around 500 grams.

Whereas the larger (12.9”) comes in all the colours apart from rose gold, and weighs at around 730 grams.

Image from MacWorld.com

Processing Chip

Each new product released by Apple each year seems to feature a ‘bigger and better’ ARM-based processing chip. For the iPad Pro, it is the A9X-chip.

Although it is not the latest chip overall in terms of Apple branded products – the iPhone 7 currently has the A10 chip – the A9X is still the latest in the iPad range. The processing purports to be almost twice as fast as its predecessor, the A8X.

Image from TechTimes.com


9.7” iPad Pro has a 12 Megapixel iSight camera, whereas the 12.9” has an 8 Megapixel camera. The smaller, more compact sized iPad is definitely more powerful camera-wise than the 12.9”.

This also applies to videos. The 9.7” has 4K HD video recording (3840 x 2160p) compared to the 12.9” which has 1080p HD recording.

The FaceTime HD Camera has 5 MP for the 9.7” (with Retina Flash) and 1.2 MP for the 12.9”.

Operating System – IOS10

IOS10, of which Apple calls it ‘the world’s most advanced mobile operating system’, was designed with aesthetic in mind. The interface is minimalistic and customisable with unique messaging features. The design includes a new map design, which is especially great for on-the-road use or fleet use.

The features of this new operating system are more prominent in the latest Apple smartphones.

Battery Life

The iPad Pro can last for up to a purported 10 hours. But sources have shown that the device requires ample charging every day, and using it on full brightness will reduce the overall battery life even further.


It features 4 speakers - one on each corner for a highly immersive experience.

Image from KnowYourMobile.com

Four-channel ambient light sensors

The iPad Pro has four channel ambient light sensors. And alongside its phenomenal camera, the 9.7” has WideColour and TrueTone displays (basically, code for better colour features than the other iPads and also the larger Pro, 12.9”, because, why not?).

The colours adapt to the light in your surrounding environment, so it is more comfortable for reading.

Extra: The Apple Pencil

These Apple-branded, minimalistic touch pens (that look like pencils that you can sharpen by accident), are responsive and overall, artists would love this product. The pen nib is able to create fine lines, which is a step up from generic rubber nibbed touch pens. The Apple Pencil is an innovative product, but it is quite expensive at $145 Aud.