Strike Cradle Solution for PTT Enabled Devices

What is Push-To-Talk?

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Push to talk or PTT, allows instantaneous communication with a simple push of a button for one-to-one or one-to-many communication. PTT was previously incorporated in walkie talkies for land communication. However, as technology evolved, these are now made possible over mobile phones and are now described as Push to Talk over Cellular (PTToC).

With the advancement of technology, smartphones and mobile networks have become reliable for PTT communication and are now possible over 3G, 4G, LTE, and even on Wi-Fi. Users can download a PTT app or purchase an enterprise-grade device made especially for this purpose such as the Motorola Lex L11.

Motorola Solutions specifically designed the Lex L11 Handheld device for mission-critical activities. One of its notable features is that it is PTT-enabled. With a simple tap of a button at the side of the device, first responders can easily switch from different talk groups. It even has an emergency button for easy access to dispatch.

Strike Alpha recognizes the need to protect these enterprise-grade devices while keeping public safety workers and first responders’ hands free when work requires them or while on a vehicle.

The Strike Alpha Motorola Lex L11 delivers a cradle solution by providing reliability, safety and stability to your L11 Handheld while on mission-critical activities. The Motorola Lex L11 car mount is designed to withstand the harsh environment of various industries such as warehousing, logistics, public safety, law enforcement and many more! The Lex L11 vehicle dock is designed to withstand up to 25g in the event of an accident.

All Strike Alpha cradles are equipped with a built-in fast charger to ensure that its enterprise users never run out of battery while on crucial activities. The Lex L11 car cradle can charge up to 3 amps for the professionally installed version and 2.4 amps for the DIY version. Charge your phone even on your desk with the Lex L11 desktop charging dock bundle! Keep your L11 Handheld safely and fully charged with Strike’s desktop charging dock. Dock one or dock up to five for the whole team by simply locking in multiple stands.

See the Strike Alpha Motorola Lex L11’s fast charging capability on a power road test.

Additionally, Strike has engineered the Lex L11 cradle with an AMPS pattern at the back, providing an easy mounting solution to any mount option or RAM component that has the universal AMPS pattern. View the full list of RAM Mounts available here.

Check out the wide range of Motorola Lex L11 Accessories available here.

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