Strike Alpha Cradle Mobile Signal Test with a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro

A reliable mobile signal is important for workforces. Industries, like law enforcement, require real-time communication for their mission-critical activities. Field workers and other industries require constant access to the cloud in sending and receiving data. It's vital to have accessible communication and cellular reception for continuous work productivity.

The Samsung Tab Active Pro is dubbed as Samsung's most productive rugged device. Productivity for industry professionals on-the-go and those in the field entail the need for steady mobile signals even in rural areas. You can pair the Samsung Tab Active Pro with a Strike Alpha Tablet Holder and a Strike B2 Antenna for optimum work productivity.

The Strike Alpha Samsung Tab Active Pro Tablet Mount is equipped with an internal passive antenna that you can connect with a reputable external antenna like the Strike B2 Antenna to improve your mobile signal. We put this to a test by placing the Samsung Tab Active Pro in a Strike Alpha cradle while inside a Faraday cage. Check out this video here, demonstrating how the Strike B2 Antenna improved its signal.


We built a multi-layer Faraday Cage to block the mobile signal received by the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro. To accurately measure the mobile signal, we used an app called 'Network Cell Info Lite'. This test will show how the passive antenna inside the Strike Alpha Cradle for Samsung Tab Active Pro will work in areas with low signal.

Inside the Faraday Cage, we set up our latest generation of the internal passive antenna inside a Strike Alpha Car Phone Holder with the Tab Active Pro. We connected it to a Strike B2 Antenna using the FME connector. To visibly demonstrate that there's a low signal on the device, the FME connection was disconnected first.


Before attaching the Strike B2 Antenna, the strength of the mobile signal is at -99 dBm. By connecting the Strike B2 Antenna through the built-in FME male connector of the cradle, the mobile signal increased at -83 dBm. This test showed that when Strike's signal-boosting Alpha Samsung Tab Active Pro Cradle is coupled with Strike's B2 Antenna, it will increase your mobile signal reception more, especially in rural areas or other areas with poor signal.

You can view our high-performing Strike antennas here. We also have variations for the Strike Alpha Samsung Tab Active Pro cradle that you can check here. You can choose from our PRO, DIY, or lockable cradles and holders with NFC extenders. Check them out now!

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