Use your Strike Alpha Cradle as a Dashcam


Save money, time and clutter by using a Strike Alpha DIY Car Cradle as a Dash Cam. Why spend money on a stand-alone camera when your phone can do a better job when combined with an Alpha Cradle? Simply dock your phone into the car cradle which has a fully adjustable windscreen mount. When using associated apps you can record video, speed, location and even impact levels! It can also:  

  • automatically start and stop recording at the right time.
  • automatically have your phone call someone in the event of accident.
  • automatically overwrite old footage so your phone does not run out storage.
  • automatically upload your latest trips to YouTube or other file sharing platforms
  • take a still photo with the touch of your screen.
  • send your recorded info via email.

When combining a Strike Alpha Cradle with one of the available Dashcam Apps you have enterprise grade power, a more accurate GPS and a stronger mobile signal (when paired with a Strike Antenna) . You also have the ability to angle your camera phone in any direction.

 Check out Strike's line of Alpha DIY Cradles here and start recording your trips!

  * For Android, you can download AutoGuard Dash Cam App for FREE. Other Dash Cam Apps are also available for free download for iOS.

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