PTToC Devices: Superior Option to UHF/VHF Two-Way Radios


Strike Group has developed phone holders that seamlessly transform mobile device into a walkie-talkie via PTToC (Push-To-Talk-Over-Cellular) technology.


PTToC/PTT technology utilises existing features of UHF/VHF two-way radio connectivity and incorporates it into current smart devices. PTT enabled devices (e.g. Sonim XP6, XP7, XP8, XP5s devices) run on mobile network/cellular data and software to transform them into two-way radios.

Benefits of PTToC Technology

- A malleable communication system

- Inter-device flexibility and connectivity

- Connects to UHF/VHF radio frequencies used in two-way radios

- Instantaneous access to employees

- Turns your smart device into a compatible radio; get more value from your personal device

- Powered by your chosen mobile carrier network

Utilising PTT’s flexibility Alpha Car Cradles are manufactured and designed for optimum PTT device productivity. Strike’s cell phone holders offer affordable and legal mounting solution for PTT enabled devices. They are crash-tested and developed to withstand the occasional harsh demands of enterprise mobility.


With the Strike Alpha Car Cradle, all Push-To-Talk users will have access to instantaneous communication with their on-scene employees and provide real-time solutions.

The mounting of PTT devices is extremely important for legal and safety purposes. By installing the Strike Alpha Cradle you’re able to have instant access to your on-site employees. That is why our PTT and Cradle solution benefits industries such as emergency services, large companies, and fleet management.


Workers in the field will be able to alert main office, their managers, and others without UHF or VHF radios (via hand-held radios, walkie-talkies, etc.) of hazardous situations. Companies can also economise by mounting their PTT smart devices onto a Strike Alpha Car Cradle without jeopardising road-safety and risking the law.


As UHF/VHF two-way radio technology is being replaced by PTT devices and Push-To-Talk solution providers like Sonim Technologies have designed mobile phones specifically for workers in demanding and hazardous environments, it is important for Strike to accommodate the interests of their industry-based clients and future customers.


Strike Group looks forward to developing more innovative solutions that integrate radio technology with enterprise mobility in the future.


Feel free to check out our range of cradle products here. For Enterprise customers, email [email protected] for inquiries.


About Strike Group

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