Sonim XP8 Strike PTT Cradle Solution

PTT or Push-to-Talk radios are used for instantaneous communication among teams and business units however with limited range. From radios and walkie talkies, PTT devices have evolved to rugged smartphones which are now commonly known as Push-to-Talk over Cellular or PoC. Technology has combined the versatility of a smartphone and walkie talkie into one rugged device.

Different PTT and PoC devices are offered in the market depending on your need. There are PTT devices for office use, varied work environments and rugged PTT devices for field work. PTT devices for field work are built to withstand extreme temperatures and hazardous environments.

Sonim X8 Rugged Device

Sonim provides rugged solutions for industries that need durable devices that can perform in extreme conditions. Sonim is known for its ultra-reliable rugged PTT devices. Sonim’s latest rugged device defines the industry’s toughest performance standards with Sonim XP8. The Sonim XP8 is built like a tank with its military 810g standards, waterproof, and non-incendive Class I, II, III, Div 2 ratings for tough work environments. Sonim XP8’s military-grade specifications are suitable for industries with harsh work conditions such as construction, manufacturing, public safety, law enforcement and more.

Strike delivers a cradle solution for workers and first responders to protect their enterprise-grade devices like the Sonim XP8. The Strike Alpha Sonim XP8 phone cradle is built to hold and protect your device in harsh work conditions. It is engineered to withstand 25g in the event of a crash.

Strike Alpha Sonim XP8 Phone Holder

Strike also recognizes that constant communications are vital for several industries which is why our Strike Alpha cradles are designed with fast charging and signal boosting capabilities. You’ll never struggle with low battery because the Strike Alpha Sonim XP8 phone mount ensures that your device is sufficiently charged for mission-critical activities. The PRO-install version can charge with 3 amps while the DIY version charges with 2.4 amps. It’s also equipped with an internal passive antenna that can amplify your phone’s cellular reception once connected with an external antenna.

Additionally, the Strike Alpha Sonim XP8 car phone holder is designed with a universal amps pattern that’s compatible with RAM Mounts solutions. You can install your device in vehicles and forklifts with RAM Mounts. Check out our RAM top solutions here. You can view our full list of RAM Mounts products available here.

Strike Alpha Sonim XP8 phone holders are available in PRO, DIY, and lockable versions. Our lockable strike cradles come with a key to secure your device in public spaces that are prone to theft. If you have questions about our Strike Alpha Sonim XP8 car mounts, please contact [email protected].

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