Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Rumours

At first glance, the specs listed below seem to be ripped straight from the Apple’s iPhone X Rumours Blog, but the Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ is far from a clone.

In fact, the Samsung S9 is better represented as a relatively more affordable iPhone X with all the important features of the iPhone X and more. After all, Samsung has always been steps ahead of Apple when it comes to their flagship phone technology.

Here are just some of the rumours that are circulating the net about Samsung’s upcoming smartphone range: the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The user minhvn, posted this image on the social media website Reddit.

Further rumours/brief breakdown of Samsung S9 and S9 + specs:


    - It will cost around the same as the Samsung Galaxy S8 around $800 to $900 AUD.

    - The features plus the moderate cost will allow more accessibility for people who do not want to buy the overly pricey iPhone X (approx. 1500 AUD)

Water resistance

    - IP68 Water & Dust resistant + possible water repellent coating.

    - This means that the device will be able to better withstand harsh environments and exposure to liquids.


    - The image has only listed the Iris Scanner on its packaging, but there are rumours that the mobile phone company is looking into face recognition technology similar to that found in the iPhone X.


    - Assisted with the recent iteration of the Android operating system, Android Oreo, the Samsung S9 will be a faster and smoother version of the Samsung S8.

    Source: Android


    - Android Oreo would no doubt allow the device to have better battery capacity.

    - Adaptive Fast Charging technology employed by Samsung will also allow the device to charge quickly.

    - Possible USB-C charging adaptor – similar to Samsung S8.


    - Dual-camera at the back (possibly 12 MP)

    - 8MP Selfie camera

Fingerprint scanner

    - Located beneath camera at the back of the phone.

    - Unlike the iPhone X, they have still retained the fingerprint scanner. This makes the face recognition rumour harder to believe.

Headphone jack

    - Samsung will retain its 3.5 mm headphone jack despite its competitors’ decision to remove it.

Wireless charging with the assistance of the Samsung DEX Pad

    - The Samsung Dex is the self-proclaimed ‘powerhouse of productivity’. The device is advanced and flexible; it acts like a dock.

    - The Samsung Dex Station can both charge your Samsung device and transform it into a computer.

    - DEX will work with the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8 devices. It is presumed that it will work with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, as well.

    - Simply place the Samsung smartphone onto the Dex Station and it will start charging.


    - Bixby, the virtual assistant developed by Samsung – will remain in this new line of Samsung smartphones.

    - This time around, Bixby is rumoured to be released with the flagship S9 phone. This is unlike last year where Bixby was released after the S8 was on the market.

Possible launch date

    - Sources from Twitter and other online articles have stated that the possible launch date for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ phones would be on the 25 – 26th February. Release date is rumoured to be around 1st March.

Our Verdict

With Samsung’s reputation a leader of smart devices, one can easily believe that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be a fantastic piece of technology. The Samsung S9 range of mobile phones is setting itself up to be a viable iPhone 8/8 Plus/X competitor. With its affordable price range and its enhanced features, it might just win hearts.

Even though the S9 isn’t going to change drastically in shape or size from its previous iteration; those who find the iPhone X too dear might consider this one instead. After all, it’s got all the features.

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