Road Safety Tips - Ways to keep you safe while on the road

Without cars, our day-to-day lives would be very different. We wouldn’t be able to drive for two minutes if we forgot some groceries and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the scenery on those long holiday road trips. Australia has the seventh-most amount of vehicles in the world which is surprising considering our relatively small population. This means that Australians are highly-dependent on cars and the road to transport us to where we need and want to be.

No matter how convenient it is to have a car, there’s no denying that the road isn’t the safest place to be. The Australian 2013 car crash death toll was 1193 people. Queensland had 272 people die on their roads last year which made them the second-highest state behind New South Wales.

A recent research released by International Data Corporation (IDC) showed that Samsung topped the market share during Q4 of 2014 with 20.01% compared with Apple’s 19.85%.

Fatigue, speed and distraction are arguably the biggest killers on our roads. These three things are easily preventable and with a few helpful hints, lives can be saved.

Everyone’s busy these days and we want to get to our destination without too much delay. However, it’s better to arrive a bit late than not at all. The Australian Government’s “Driver Reviver” initiative is for people to stop and take a breather at various points across Australia. Most of these stations are found off our main highways and tea, coffee and water are offered along with plenty of space to stop and rest. Utilising such initiatives is a perfect opportunity to avoid fatigue which can cause bad accidents. No Driver Reviver station near you? No worries. Be prepared and pack water and other refreshments and always pack a pillow in your car in case you feel the need to have a quick rest.

New speeding laws have been introduced that fine you and cost you demerit points even if you are just one kilometre over. This zero tolerance approach to speeding means that it is clearly one of our main killers and people need to learn the hard way. It’s simple –allow enough time to get to your destination and you won’t have to worry about speeding. You could just save a life.

Last but not least, distraction is a big killer. Mobile phones, whilst entertaining, are such a distraction. In our cars we use them to play music, to give us directions, and not to mention the usual talking and texting features. If you’re caught holding your phone, you’ll be slapped with a $330 fine along with the deduction of three demerit points. How can you still have access to your phone minus the distraction? Strike’s Alpha Cradle range can help you. The Alpha cradle range is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and through this, using advanced technology, this range of products ensure that you can charge, boost the signal, and hold your phone without having to use your hands. This limits distraction, helps you keep both hands on the wheel, all while ensuring that your phone is ready to be fully used once you reach your destination.

It’s simple –rest, be sensible, and limit distractions and you’ll be well on your way to being safe of the road.

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