Retail Tablet Stand Mounting Solutions

Using a tablet POS is a way of modernizing the customer experience for your store. It’s convenient since it’s portable and data can be handled with a click and through a wireless connection. Since data is already stored, you can manage reports easily. You can also use these tablets as your POS payment channel, which offers flexibility for buyers who want to purchase on the spot.

Aside from that, tablets can also be used for customer feedback with the right software. Technology has made these devices a valuable tool in gathering insights.

Strike has designed modern and sleek universal tablet stand solutions.

Strike Universal Tablet Desk Stand

This tablet stand can be used for different applications, whether it’s for home, retail, hospitals, restaurants, and more. It’s portable and provides the best viewing adjustments. You can use your tablet in portrait or landscape orientation with this desk stand. Additionally, it has a key-locking feature for anti-theft deterrence. It secures your tablet with a key so you can place your device in public spaces such as your storefront.

Strike also has a 4-Pack Wireless Desktop Charger!

This wireless desktop charger can power up to 4 smartphones simultaneously. The QI desktop charger is the ideal solution for logistics or administrative tasks.

It is compatible with any device that has the wireless charging feature. Slide and dock your device to activate charging. It has two docks for fast wireless charging and two regular wireless charging docks. This desktop charger also gives you a neat and clutter-free charging experience for you and your team. Try using Strike’s 4-Pack Wireless Desktop Charger as your charging station! Check it out now!

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