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RAM Mounts offers one of the most versatile mounting solutions for individuals and businesses. You can fully customise your kit depending on your need and preference. Whether it’s for water, road, air, or at home use - RAM Mounts has the right solution for you.

RAM mounting solutions are based on three components: the base, arm, and cradle. So, you can buy the individual components based on what you need, like if you want to mount your phone on your car and then on your bike. It would take two different bases depending on where you’re mounting it. For anybody not well-versed in building their mounting kits, we’ve summarised the top universal mounting kits our consumers have purchased throughout the year.

RAM Twist-Lock™ Suction Cup Mount with Universal RAM® X-Grip® Cell/iPhone Cradle (RAM-B-166-UN7U)

This universal suction mount phone holder from RAM Mounts is considered one of the best sellers. It’s made of a suction mount base, medium arm, and can hold any average sized smartphone device. The suction cup twist-lock base provides a strong grip on glass and flat surfaces. This mounting solution works well with people who want to mount their device on their windshield.

RAM® X-Grip® Drill-Down Double Ball Mount for 9"-10" Tablets (RAM-B-101-C-UN9U)

This solution is great for people who want to hold their device steady in one place. It’s great for the office, at home, RV Motorhome use and more. It’s considered a permanent solution since it’s a drill-down base. It is ideal for retail business opportunities. Place your POS or catalogue in one place with this top solution. Consider where you’re placing your mount, so you don’t leave drill marks all over the place.

RAM® Tough-Claw™ Small Clamp Mount with Universal Action Camera Adapter (RAP-B-400-A-GOP1U)

If you like going on adventures with your GoPro on a road bike, motorcycle, ATV, kayak, or more, we recommend using the tough-claw small clamp mount. This specific solution is composed of a GoPro adapter, short arm, and clamp mount. It’s easy to install and detach and provides a firm grip on round, square, or odd-shaped rails and bars.

RAM Reverse Configuration Universal No-Drill Laptop Mount (RAM-VB-196-1-SW1)

This mounting kit is suitable for field workers in the enterprise industries - people who generally bring their laptop on the go. This is a well-known laptop mount from RAM Mounts. It doesn’t cause any permanent fixtures on your vehicle since it’s a no-drill mount. This laptop mount’s base is adjustable for a variety of vehicles. It features a heavy-duty mounting base which you can attach on the passenger side using rail bolts as attachment points. The laptop tray can accommodate laptops that are 10-17” in size.

Depending on the device you’re mounting and the surface you’re mounting on, RAM Mounts have a wide range of solutions that you can choose from. They also have device-specific cradles for people who aren’t fond of using universal holders. Check out our wide range of RAM Mounts solutions here.

For more information, questions on installation, and inquiries on stock availability please email us at [email protected].
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