New Release: Samsung Tab Active 4 Pro Tablet Holders & Xcover6 Pro Phone Holders

The latest Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro
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It’s been a few months since we’ve seen the release of Samsung’s latest rugged devices. The tech giant doesn’t disappoint with their latest release of the Galaxy Xcover 6 Pro and Galaxy Tab Active 4 Pro. These rugged devices are tailored for industries that require a streamlined workflow. It’s ultimately designed to improve productivity and increase the device’s lifespan in challenging environments. The Galaxy Xcover6 Pro and Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro offer the best performance and rugged durability to support demanding businesses.

Strike designs car phone and tablet holders that further improve workforce productivity with its unique features. Achieve maximum productivity and protection by pairing your latest rugged device with Strike’s tablet and phone cradles.

Strike’s Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Tablet Holder

Strike’s Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Vehicle Mount is designed for maximum efficiency for the enterprise industry. If you’re using the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Tablet Holder on the road, it’s fully compliant with Australian road laws and guaranteed to reduce driver distraction to keep you safe.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro Tablet Holder is equipped with fast charging and signal boosting features to ensure that your tablet is powered with stable reception for mission-critical activities. This tablet mount is suitable for challenging work conditions because it’s crash-tested to withstand up to 25g in the event of an accident.

Additionally, the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro tablet mount is designed with OTG data capability. You can easily connect the tablet mount to printers, barcode scanners, storage devices, and more.

Pre-order Strike’s Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro Car Phone Mount

The Strike’s Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro car phone mount is suitable for enterprise industries, including Warehousing, Public Safety, Transportation, and more. Use the Galaxy Xcover6 Pro for extended periods of time with its fast-charging capabilities. You can also efficiently improve your mobile signal by connecting the internal passive antenna with an external aerial like Strike’s B2 Bullbar Mount Antenna.

Additionally, Strike’s phone and tablet holders are made with a Plug ‘N Play design. It means that you can select a new car cradle component whenever you decide to make a phone upgrade. Simply detach the old cradle and click the new cradle into the existing mount. No need to re-install, making it cost-efficient and futureproof.

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