NEW RELEASE: Samsung Galaxy S22 Car Phone Holders

Samsung Electronics has released its latest flagship, the Galaxy S22 Series. It’s setting the bar high for other smartphones, and it focuses on its groundbreaking camera upgrades that make images look better for day and night photography. Samsung focuses on how today’s generation communicates and connects more through photos and videos.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus available in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Pink Gold
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The latest Samsung flagship is unique in the sense that it merged the features of the Galaxy S Series and Note Series into one for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Some of the notable improvements in the Galaxy S22 Series are its AMOLED display, improved camera features, first-ever 4nm processors, and fast-charging battery capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra available in phantom black, phantom white, green, and burgundy
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Samsung never disappoints its consumers when it comes to performance and user experience. The latest flagship emphasizes on improving its Night Photography. The Galaxy S22 series is built with a powerful rear triple camera designed to let more light in and capture colours even in the dark. Images taken in broad daylight or low light are more crisp, vibrant, and clear.
It’s also unrivaled if we’re talking about power and performance. Its newest 4nm processor allows users to maximise their device for productivity and lifestyle. Alongside its superior performance, of the Galaxy S22 can last the day with its all-day battery and fast-charging capabilities. Overall, the Galaxy S22 enters the market strong with its amazing features and superior design and quality.
Strike Samsung Galaxy S22 Car Phone Holders
  Drive safely and legally whilst on the road with Samsung Galaxy S22 car phone mounts. Mounting your phone in your vehicle is a must to prevent driver distraction and ensures that you’re compliant with Australia’s road laws.
Strike’s Samsung Galaxy S22 phone cradles are equipped with features that enhance your productivity. These Galaxy S22 car phone holders are designed with durability, fast charging, and signal boosting capabilities. These phone cradles can improve your mobile signal by connecting its internal passive antenna with a reputable external antenna. We recommend Strike’s B2 Bullbar Mount Car Antenna for the best chance at a signal gain.
Additionally, Strike’s Samsung S22 car phone holders are designed to withstand up to 25G in the event of a crash. It’s suitable for industries with harsh work conditions, including Warehousing, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Transportation. These Samsung Galaxy S22 vehicle mounts are available in different variants such as PRO-install, DIY, wireless charging, lockable, and more.
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