NEW RELEASE: Medical-grade Tablet Cases and iPad Cases

Strike Group announces the release of their first medical-grade tablet case line for healthcare professionals. Workers in the healthcare industry will now be able to sanitise and disinfect their tablet cases as frequently as possible without the tablet case’s quality deteriorating.
Tablets play a vital role in the healthcare industry. Technology is vastly evolving, and most industries use tablets for workflow automation. Tablet devices are proven helpful for storing and capturing data, analysing data, and reducing manual logistical labour.
In healthcare settings, it’s also crucial to sanitise iPads and tablet devices as frequently as needed. We’ve seen how harmful the spread of pathogens and viruses can be with work-case scenarios putting lives at risk.
Strike Group continuously provides hands-free solutions – with the safety of individuals as a top priority. Strike’s latest tablets efficiently protect your tablets and iPads from damage whilst withstanding frequent decontamination from hospital-grade disinfectants.


The latest antimicrobial tablet case range features scratch, dirt, and shockproof protection, an ultra-slim design, and are proven to withstand disinfectant exposure.
Medical-Grade Tablet Case – Proven to withstand medical-grade cleaning products and designed with a clear and smooth surface for easy decontamination.
Ultra-Slim Design – Able to protect your tablet and iPad from drops and bumps without additional bulk. It can also fit conveniently into your pocket or tablet bag.
Anti-scratch Protection – Strike’s antimicrobial tablet case is safe from scratches with its 1mm raised edge both at the front and back, for fully protection of your screen and camera lens.
Drop Protection – It has four corner airbag protection that can absorb impact from accidental drops and shocks.
Additionally, Strike Group’s medical-grade tablet and iPad cases are made durable and are flame and scratch resistant. Antimicrobial cases are now available for the following models: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Galaxy Tab S7/S8, Galaxy Tab S7+ and S8+, iPad Pro 11”, iPad Air 4 and iPad Air 5, and more! View Strike’s latest rugged case range for the healthcare industry here.
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