New Arrival: Strike Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro Phone Holders

2022 has been an exciting year for Samsung as they also unveiled their latest rugged smartphone for the modern enterprise: the Galaxy Xcover6 Pro. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro is enterprise-ready and supports businesses' most demanding environments with its powerful processor, 5G and WiFi 6E connectivity, and Samsung Dex capability for users working between the office and remotely.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro
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Samsung understands that businesses aim to streamline workflow and improve productivity. The Galaxy Xcover6 Pro’s 6nm processor delivers breakthrough performance by shortening work time, which increases its user’s daily work output. The Galaxy Xcover6 Pro is also the first device in the Xcover series that supports 5G connectivity. Collaborating with colleagues and transferring data is made possible and easier wherever a signal is available.

Additionally, Samsung’s Xcover6 Pro is a great rugged smartphone for users working remotely because of Samsung Dex. It allows them to have a PC-like experience wherever work takes them by simply connecting the Xcover6 Pro to external displays, mouse and keyboard.

Strike Phone Holders for Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro

  Strike’s Galaxy Xcover6 Pro car phone cradles allow you to mount your device at home, work, or in your vehicle. This phone mount provides a firm and secure grip on your smartphone and gives you optimum view whilst on the road or at work.

The Galaxy Xcover6 Pro phone holder is equipped with enterprise features that improves productivity for its users. It’s designed with fast charging and signal boosting capabilities that extends the Galaxy Xcover6 Pro’s battery life and improves mobile signal effectively by connecting the internal antenna with an external aerial. We recommend Strike’s B2 Bullbar Mount for the best chance at improving your cellular reception.

Additionally, the Strike Galaxy Xcover6 Pro vehicle mounts are engineered to withstand up to 25G in the event of a crash. It guarantees durability and protection of your device for enterprise industries with demanding environments, including Logistics, Manufacturing, Transportation, and more.

To learn more about the Galaxy Xcover6 Pro phone cradle, you can watch the video below. Strike provides solutions for businesses by designing cradles according to your needs. These Galaxy Xcover6 Pro phone mounts are available in different variants, including PRO-install, DIY, lockable, and more. Check out the wide variety available here.

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