Mounting Your Phones on Your Bicycle

Biking is one of the most cost-efficient and environment-friendly ways to get around. Bikes are easily portable and can get through tight streets with no problems. Aside from transportation, biking can also be a form of sport or leisure. There are a lot of interesting and fun trails to try that will give biking enthusiasts a great experience.

Whether it’s for commuting or for leisure, cyclists can benefit from a durable phone holder for their bicycles. Smartphones can enhance the biking experience in so many ways. Users can access maps, GPS, and navigation apps to find key locations or get the best route to where they plan to go. You can also play music or record videos of your extreme adventures.

It is important to find the right mount that will securely hold your phones whilst allowing you to have safe and convenient access to its features. Here are some RAM mounting solutions that are perfect for bikers.

Panasonic FZ-T1 Dock

1. RAM EZ-ON/OFF™ Bicycle Mount with Strap Base (RAP-274-1U)
This RAM mounting option is highly flexible and can be used with a wide variety of RAM mounting systems. The zip ties allow you to adjust the mount according to the thickness of your bike’s rails. The diamond adapter allows you to easily release from the diamond base so you can take your phone on and off the mount as you please.

Panasonic FZ-T1 Dock

2. RAM EZ-ON/OFF™ Bicycle Mount w/ X-Grip® Universal Cradle (RAP-274-1-UN7U)
The RAM Universal Bike Mount is compatible with almost any smartphone in the market because of the X-Grip cradle that adjusts to your phone’s length. It also has adjustable zip ties so you can mount it on any bike rails. You can also get the perfect viewing angle with this RAM mounting solution for bicycles.

Panasonic FZ-T1 Dock

3. RAM EZ-ON/OFF™ Bicycle Mount w/ X-Grip® Large Phone Cradle (RAP-274-1-UN10)
For phablets or smartphones with large screens, you can use the RAM Universal Mount with Large Phone Cradle. It has the same features as the universal mount, but it is designed for bigger phones. All these mounts have high strength composite and stainless-steel construction to complement the rugged nature of biking. These are available at Strike. Check out our wide selection of RAM mounts.

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