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A new tough contender has entered the market of enterprise-grade devices. Motorola released the Motorola Lex L11 this 2018 to provide a seamless way of communicating for different industries. The device is dubbed as a “Mission-Critical LTE Device” because it is developed specifically for first responders in important activities.

Motorola Lex L11

The features on this device are well thought out to cater for different activities across industries and public safety. The audio lets you hear loud and clear. It has a special noise cancellation to reduce sounds from the surroundings of the person talking and voice enhancers to help the person listening even in potentially noisy environments.

One of the most notable features of this rugged handheld is the high-assurance security. The Motorola Lex L11 has an end to end secure mobile platform that guards your mission-critical voice and data communications. It has a secure application wall that prevents eavesdroppers from tuning in. The Lex L11 uses the Mobile Virtual Private Network (MVPN) to make sure that all communications made through the device stay between the collaborators.

Strike has engineered a cradle that will complement the enterprise quality of the Motorola Lex L11. Strike precisely developed a 3 amp 12/24v for pro-installation version and 2.4 amp for the DIY version of Motorola Lex L11 holder and charger to ensure that mission-critical applications never run out of power.

Motorola Lex L11 car Dock

Each Motorola Lex L11 Cradle is designed to withstand up to 25g in the event of an accident. Also, each Lex L11 cradle comes with an internal passive antenna that can boost the Motorola handheld’s signal once connected to an external antenna.

Watch Strike's Motorola Lex L11 vehicle mount product demonstration below:

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