Motorola Lex L11 Vehicle Cradle Power Road Test

Strike has released a line of powerful cradles for the Motorola Lex L11, the device dubbed as a “Mission-Critical LTE Device”. Motorola Lex L11, an enterprise-grade device designed to cater to industries involving public service and public safety, is known for providing solutions to mission-critical activities.

To complement the rugged enterprise quality of the LEX L11 Handheld, Strike has successfully engineered the L11 mount to keep it secure and prolong its battery life while on mission critical activities. The Strike Alpha car cradle for Motorola Lex L11 has a built-in fast charging capacity that charges the handheld device at 2.4 amps for the DIY version and 3 amps when installed professionally.

The Motorola handheld holder is ideal to use for various roles in different industries such as retail, warehousing, sales, transportation, hospitality, manufacturing, and logistics.

See video as Strike goes for a 10 minute drive to do a Power Road Test for the Motorola Lex L11:

With the device set on full-load the battery gained 2% power from 23% to 25% just after 10 minutes. The Motorola Lex L11 is set at full brightness, with turn-by-turn navigation running on background via Google maps, and a YouTube video playing via Bluetooth streaming.

Additionally, Strike has released Desktop Charging Dock Stations for LEX L11 to conveniently dock and charge the handheld device whilst working. It also has lockable mount option to ensure premium device safety even in hazardous situations.

The Motorola Lex L11 fast charging cradle is built with AMPS pattern at the back of the mount that is fully compatible with any RAM Mounting Solutions. You can easily attach the cradle head to any RAM Mount and get the most out of your LEX L11. Check out our wide range of RAM Mounts here.

Work efficiently with the Strike Alpha Motorola Lex L11 fast charging car cradle. See our complete LEX L11 fast charging holders and mounts range here.

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