Reliable Signal Boosting Smartphones

LG K4, Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A5: Reliable signal boosting smartphones

As there are a lot of factors that can affect mobile signal reception, it is always best to choose a mobile phone that has the best signal reception. There are reliable smartphones available in the market that have the best reception such as LG K4, Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A5.

The old GSM phones used to have a long aerial bulging from the side of the phone and they really delivered excellent reception. But as years passed, phones got updated and became smaller. Manufacturers had to, in turn, shrink the size of their antennas. This has consistently caused difficulties with the reception quality and had to come up with clever ways to counter this loss of antenna gain.

Luckily, engineers can utilize digital signal processing techniques to control signals and attain strong connections between the cell service provider’s towers and your mobile phone, at the same time expanding the rate of data transfer. However, these tiny antennas in modern smartphones are not perfect as the signal still must reach the phone.

Check out these phones you may consider:

      1. LG K4
      If you are searching for a basic and easy-to-use phone for reception boosting, the LG K4 might be worth considering.
      LG K4
      2. Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro
      An extremely affordable entry-level smartphone, Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is a good option.

      Samsung J2 Pro

      3. Samsung Galaxy A5
      If you want a phone built like a top-end model yet affordable, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a top choice.

      Samsung J2 Pro

The best signal booster that can help you get the reception you deserve:

Strike Antennas

With the above issues in mind, there seems to be a clear need for a solution that can improve poor network signals. Phone antennas are particularly helpful in boosting signal strength in low reception locations, especially in rural areas.

Telstra Patch Lead and Antenna
At Strike, we have a vast variety of external phone antennas and patch leads that can be paired with LG K4, Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro and Galaxy A5; among which are the B2, MB7, and TX9 model antennas. These latest 3rd Generation antennas deliver extraordinary consistency in gain and pattern and are suitable for Next G; 3G, 4G & GSM networks.

Check out our range

Strike Alpha Cradles

The most practical way to improve your mobile signal reception is connecting an external antenna to your cell phone. However, cell phones nowadays mostly do not have usable RF ports that can allow direct external antenna connection.

Strike Alpha Car Cradles are a great solution for boosting mobile reception signal even if the phone has no direct antenna connector. Our cradle comes with an internal antenna designed to boost your phone signal once it’s connected to an external antenna. With this signal boosting feature, you will be able to stay connected even in rural or remote areas.

Best results are always achieved when pairing a Strike Alpha car mount with a Strike antenna. This solution can give you the best coverage and the optimum signal boosting experience in rural fringe or low signal areas.

Strike Alpha Car Cradle for LG K4, Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro & Samsung Galaxy A5 are available here. Click the links below to learn more:

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